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DIY Laundry Room Countertop


Having a countertop over your washer and dryer can help to organize your laundry room. Building one yourself involves measuring out the dimensions, purchasing the wood, and putting it all together. Some companies sell premade laundry room countertops but they can cost hundreds of dollars and some won’t fit properly. Why not spend around $200 and build one yourself? Have a look below for many other ideas for laundry room countertops an a step-by-step method to build one yourself. For some great laundry room ideas see here.

Supplies needed for this DIY laundry room countertop:

  • Wood for support frame

  • Flooring or quality wood for countertop

  • Wood screws

  • Wood glue

  • Wood putty

  • Wood gloss

  • Sand paper

  • White paint

  • Wood stain


Tools needed for making this laundry room DIY countertop:

  • Circular Saw

  • Jigsaw

  • Router

  • Belt Sander

  • Power Sander

  • Cordless Drill

Estimated cost of project $230 plus build time 6 to 10 Hours

Step 1 – Start out by measuring the dimensions around your washer and drye










Step 2 – Purchase wood and create a frame around the washer and dryer using wood screws.









Step 3 – Build the top using a plywood sheet to be the base layer for the custom countertop.









Step 4 – Paint the wood frame to the color of your choice (match the color of your appliances).









Step 5 – Purchase a custom type of wood of your choice to create the countertop.









Step 6 – Cut the custom wood to fit the top and secure it in place with wood glue using wood clamps.








Step 7 – Once the wood glue is dry, sand the countertop to get the surface completely smooth.







Step 8 – Use a wood stain and stain the wood darker to create a custom look.






Step 9 – Use a wood gloss to create a barrier to protect the wood. FINISHED!





Step 9 – Use a wood gloss to create a barrier to protect the wood. FINISHED!